‘Ms Cyrulla, who represents 22 artists including sculptors and ceramic artists, said passion was vital…when running a small business…’

The Herald Sun

‘Ms Cyrulla is an artist with a passion for her subject, a background in architecture and experience in selling, producing a skills concoction that suits her admirably to the task at hand: selling Australian art to Australian business. “The people I deal with would normally not buy an Australian artwork for their work. They normally buy prints,” she said. That sums up the thrust of her work: why hang a print in an office wall when you can put up something individual and “real”, and at the same time nurture homegrown artistic talent?’

“I have discovered a need for artists to have someone represent their work and also a need for businesses to be enhanced. I hope to bring these together.”

The Age

‘The original painting on the wall is there to sell a message, says consultant Dagmar Cyrulla. “It’s not there merely to fill wall space,” Ms Cyrulla said. “It has been strategically placed to catch the eye of the company’s client before doing business. Impressive art should leave a lasting impression. It should say something positive about the firm.”

“I just love what I do and I hope it rubs off,” she said. “It is rewarding to have satisfied customers tell you that your work makes a difference.”

The Sunday Herald Sun

‘As we use clothes to complement and flatter our bodies, art consultant Dagmar Cyrulla uses art to dress corporate offices and homes. The effect and impressions that art pieces can have should never be underestimated, she says. It makes a corporate statement in the client’s short walk through the reception foyer or into a boardroom. And getting it right involves meticulous attention to detail. Everything from floor/wall color coordination to the view outside – and, of course, the budget – has to be taken into account.’

“As a painter, I share the rush when the artist whose painting I’ve just helped to promote gets acknowledged. Being a painter also means I appreciate what the artist is creating. This helps me to project the art’s meaning into a space, which gives a fitting so much more depth.”

The Age