Dagmar Art is a consultancy which represents a range of Australian artists across painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.

Through the consultancy we fulfill a number of functions for our clientele. These include:

  • Rental and purchase of artwork for corporate and domestic spaces. This service often includes using digital imaging to superimpose a proposed piece of art into a space, allowing the client to see how the piece works prior to purchase or rental.

  • Working with interior designers on major developments or refurbishments where artworks will be required.

  • Coordinating donations under the Cultural Gifts Scheme, which allows our clients tax benefits for donating a piece to an appropriate institution. A recent example is the gifting of a significant Leonard French piece to the Bendigo Art Gallery. This piece has been valued at up to $700,000.

We organise studio visits if a client is interested in a particular artist’s work. We can advise and help build your artist knowledge and your personal and corporate collection